MPIC is a Philippine-based, publicly listed investment management and holding company registered with the Philippine Securities Exchange Commission. We are a leading infrastructure holding company with a diverse set of assets held through our operating companies. Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, we seek to create value by upgrading infrastructure, improving operational efficiency, increasing customer coverage and working closely with regulators and other partners in government.

The overarching objective of our investment and management strategy is to create value for our stakeholders by achieving long-term economic success while contributing to inclusive and sustainable development of our nation. We operate in a number of highly-regulated sectors within a framework of national laws and regulations including various concession and franchise agreements. We work hard to uphold our commitments under these agreements, and we are proud of our legacy over the past years of delivering on our promises to rehabilitate, maintain, strengthen and improve vital services that help to form the backbone of the Philippine economy and society.

Through our operating companies, we strive to deliver high quality and affordable services for customers, provide safe workplaces and merit-based opportunities for employees and generate reasonable returns for business partners and investors. On a daily basis our operating companies are making a difference to the lives of millions of Filipinos, powering commerce and households, connecting people and places, delivering clean and safe water, and making world-class standards of healthcare available to all.

contribution to nation-building

This map identifies the location of our major assets and operations in the Philippines, providing an overview of the markets we serve at national, regional and local levels.



We are the leading Philippine infrastructure investment firm. We manage, transform and grow our companies while continuously seeking investment opportunities to create long-term value for our shareholders.



We have a stellar portfolio of infrastructure assets, each being the dominant player in its field. We are admired globally for excellence in investing in and transforming infrastructure. We attract, retain and develop world-class talent.

Through our companies and foundation, we significantly contribute to the economic development of the Philippines and thereby uplift the quality of life of every Filipino.


Teamwork and Empowerment
We recognize the diverse strength and abilities within the team. We enable and inspire people to achieve superior results.

Integrity and Transparency
We adhere to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards.

We innovate, take risks, act quickly and decisively, and are customer focused.

Financial Discipline and Accountability
We employ rigorous financial analysis to arrive at sound business decisions. We are results-driven and meet our commitments.

Establishing the vision, mission and values should be an ongoing process of review to ensure the they are still relevant to the current challenges and environment. The vision, mission and values statement of MPIC is crafted with the participation of employees. It has been subject to a regular review annually and at such frequency as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

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10th Floor, Makati General Office Building
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