Gabay Advocacies

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, together with the rest of the MVP Group of Companies, launched six GABAY Advocacies for a Sustainable Philippines to encapsulate their contributions toward the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Livelihood, Youth and leadership, Environment, Community work, Health and sports, and Education. Through the years, the Group’s Chairman, Manuel V Pangilinan – or MVP as he is fondly called, has inculcated the culture of “malasakit” within his organization. He believes that with proper guidance and support, anyone can have the power to change their lives and rise above any crisis or setback. It is for this reason that the group’s advocacies carry the word “GABAY” – because it embodies who MVP is to many – an inspiration, a true leader, and a guiding light.

Gabay Kabataan (Youth and leadership)

Gabay Kabataan’s mission is to provide tools for the youth to imagine and pursue the grandest vision of their future. Under this advocacy, the companies develop programs that will provide the youth with access to quality education, opportunities for financial security, independence, and wellbeing, as well as venues for values formation, recognition of their achievements, and the nurturing of their artistic, creative, and innovative spirits.

Gabay Kabuhayan (Livelihood)

Believing that it is in the Filipinos’ nature to persevere, rise above poverty, and take hold of their futures, Gabay Kabuhayan opens more doors for small and medium entrepreneurs through livelihood training programs, distribution of tools and equipment needed for businesses, among other initiatives.

Gabay Kalikasan (Environment)

Under Gabay Kalikasan, the MPIC and MVP Group aim to become catalysts for a cleaner, greener, and more resilient planet for every Filipino. They joined forces with experts to protect and nurture vital ecosystems and habitats such as the Laguna de Bay and developed campaigns to engage their employees and the general public into becoming environmental champions.

Gabay Kalusugan (Health and sports)

Gabay Kalusugan aims to make health care and wellness available and accessible to more Filipinos. Through medical missions, sports camps, the distribution of hospital supplies, equipment, test kits, and beds to various hospitals and facilities, and the development of an integrated healthcare platform called mWell, the organization strives to ensure that every person’s health and wellness needs would be just a few clicks away.

Gabay Karunungan (Education)

Gabay Karunungan embodies the whole organization’s belief that good education helps contribute to national development and improve the lives of Filipinos. Working closely with the Department of Education, the companies created initiatives that helped lead the way towards the digitization of schools and universities, provided educational assistance, facilities and tools for students and teachers through its flagship Gabay Guro program.

Gabay Komunidad (Community work)

Gabay Komunidad embodies the organization’s culture of empathy. Since 2018, the companies have worked with other leaders and experts to build a more resilient and disaster-prepared Philippines through the world’s first private sector-led national emergency operations center. The organization likewise built and assisted in building quarantine centers and distributed personal protective equipment and basic supplies to frontliners and others in need.


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