Good Governance and Ethical Business Practices

Given the essential nature of the companies we have invested in, we have a clear responsibility to foster a corporate responsibility culture that can create enduring value for our shareholders and society. Our board and top management drive MPIC’s long-term direction toward sustainable growth. They are committed to identifying and managing sustainability risks and creating value from the opportunities that they bring.

Key Initiatives

Governance and Sustainability Committee

The Committee ensures overall governance framework is robust and compares favorably with best-in-class practices. An integral part of that is the annual review and implementation of the Company’s Revised Manual on Corporate Governance and sponsorship of any improvements for the Board of Directors’ approval.

Risk Management Committee
The Committee investigates the risk exposures of the Company and evaluates the steps the management is taking in managing and controlling such exposures. It assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities over the Company’s enterprise risk management policy and execution of risk management strategies and practices including regulatory and ethical compliance monitoring.

The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) periodically conducts a company-wide risk assessment for evaluation by the Board Risk Management Committee.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is closely linked with our corporate objectives to protect and grow our business in an ethical manner. We adopt a pragmatic approach to ERM, seeking to ensure genuine value-added practices beyond compliance given the nature of our businesses.
Our ERM framework conforms to ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management, which outlines the Company’s ERM objectives to our ERM Policy.

ESG Strategy

The Board of Directors regularly reviews the Company’s performance with respect to the six Pillars of our Sustainability Framework. The responsibility for the execution of our strategies for sustainable development resides mainly with our operating companies’ respective leadership teams.

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